It's Back! Master Works in Masonry Awards
RMMI is excited to announce that we will be holding the Master Works in Masonry Awards Program this year! Click here for more details and our submission form.

Member of the Month: Berich Masonry, Inc.

RMMI would like to recognize Berich Masonry, Inc. as member of the month! They were recently the first masonry company in Colorado to use SAM, the Semi Automated Mason, alongside their bricklayers on the new Clayton Elementary School building. Click here to see SAM in action!
We would also like to recognize Berich for their commitment to training future bricklayers. Their participation in the apprenticeship program at CITC has given the future generation of skilled laborors the education and training they need to succeed.
As a long standing member of RMMI we are proud to recognize Berich Masonry Inc. for being a leader in the masonry industry and laying a solid foundation for the future.

2018 March Newsletter

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Colorado Masonry Systems Guide

In June of 2016 the Northwest Masonry  Institute published the Northwest Edition of the Masonry SYSTEMS Guide, which provided a standardized systems guide of best practices for masonry wall systems design and construction. It is the industry's primary information resource on masonry systems and the first to address the challenges of energy code requirements for continuous installation. The Masonry SYSTEMS Guide is also the industry's primary information resource for architects and general contractors. It contains nine chapters outlining masonry systems, as well as a resource chapter for products appropriate for each system.

For 2018 the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation is working on the production of a “Colorado Systems Guide”, to be modeled after the Northwest Edition. This design manual will be used to Educate and Promote the use of masonry to the Architectural and design professional’s  in the Colorado Region; reinforcing RMMI’s leading support for Masonry Design in the
Intermountain States.

Sponsors will receive printed copies of the systems free of charge to distribute to architects, engineers and general contractors that they work with. All RMMI Members will also receive a printed copy of the guide.
For Sponsorship Opportunities
Contact Kim Roland
PHONE: 303-3313405


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April 24, 2018

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April 27, 2018

Handling An OSHA Inspection

Corporate Safety Services is holding a Handling An OSHA Inspection course
Friday April 27 9am-noon (cost is $25 per student)

April 27, 2018

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Corporate Safety Services is holding a Trenching/Excavating Course
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