Masonry Systems Design Guide

Colorado/Southern Wyoming Edition
Created by RDH Building Science, Inc. and The Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

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This Guide provides a comprehensive roadmap to high-performance building enclosures and quality masonry installations. It covers several popular masonry wall systems — including anchored masonry veneer and single-wythe concrete masonry — while also highlighting installation practices and climate considerations specific to the Rocky Mountain region.

You’ll find concise guidelines, wall sections, and tables addressing the key elements of the masonry envelope, including:

  • Enclosure Detailing
  • Water Management
  • Air Leakage
  • Movement Joints
  • Thermal Bridging & Performance
  • Structural Support & Attachments
  • Installation Sequencing

You’ll also find a chapter devoted to Quality Control and Quality Assurance practices that improve the performance and aesthetic design of every masonry wall system. And there’s an in-depth discussion of the local governing energy codes and masonry wall system compliance options, too.

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Thank you to these industry leaders for underwriting the development of this Guide.

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